The project

Nkoabang is under the administration of the “arrondissement Nkolafamba” which is based in the east suburbs of Yaoundé, the Capital City of Cameroon. The population of Yaoundé is 1.900.000 people, and the 44% is less then 15 years old. The 17% of them do not leave with their parents.
In Nkoabang live 15.000 people and 100 of them are orphans between 0 and 18 years old. In this place there are no sufficient structures to accommodate all of them, and the existing ones do not grant decent conditions. In addition to the healthy problems (many of them suffer of AIDS and malaria) the orphans cannot have and adequate education.

The first step for Mamamonde is to build an orphanage to give the orphans of this town a more decent place to live. A land of 4000 sqmt has been already bought and cleared and equipped with electricity.
We are ready to build up.
The person who help us on site is Father Emmanuel Ndebe, of the Discalced Carmelites, Parish Priest of Nkoabang Parish.