who we are

We have been there. We met them and we have seen how they live.

We could not avoid committing ourselves for them. This is why we founded MAMAMONDE.

MAMAMONDE is an intention. It is a concrete intervention and a solace for our feelings, after having experienced at first hand the DIFFERENCES, which is not acceptable when involving the children.

This is a laic and not political association, which is sustained by no profit Foundation CUMSE, grounded with the aim to give a better life style in a very simple but concrete way to whom is obliged by the DIFFERENCES to labour to live and with uncertain future.

NKOABANG. We started from here. A very small point on the map of Cameroon. A place where we have seen we could have done something good. The Orphans of Nkoabang. 52 sons of Africa, who always keep smiling. They are living all together in a small shack under the protection of a local guardian lady. What they are missing, which is often granted us at each social level, is a comfortable bed, healthy food, medical assistance and, last but not least, an education, which may give them the opportunity to influence their destiny. This is a DIFFERENCE that we could fill, and this is why is born the project Orphanage/School of NKOABANG.

With the funds collected until today we have bought and cleared the land and provided the electrical power. Our project is taking shape: the foundation, the walls, the roof, the tiling, the plaster….. many phases, many small steps … each goal brought us a big excitement. Share with us our feeling and look at our progresses in the section “project”!


The aim of MAMAMODE is to give the children of NKOABANG.

An house
Adequate sanitary assistance
An education

Mamamonde does not want to uproot the children from their motherland but get them free in their motherland.
By developing their own inclinations and talents. Transmitting them the job culture and teaching them a profession. This will allow them to grow up in their Africa and to handle their life in a respectable way.

In addition to the satisfaction of primary needs, Mamamonde wants to give the children the most precious thing which every human been should have:

The freedom to choose thanks to the knowledge.

Our people

Nicola Bertoldo

Antonella Casarotto