If you wish to sustain our Project, you can offer your contribution sending your money to:
c/c intestato a

Progetto Mamamonde
Fondazione Cumse onlus
Intesa Sanpaolo
Agenzia di Piovene
IBAN IT34O0306960644100000001004

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A donation can be an advantage for your company because:

- the company image will gain more kudos;
- a social responsibility is exerted;
- the values and the Company’s identity become stronger;
- the motivation and the cohesion of personnel are increased;

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Join us as Partner Company


By sustaining an event or a Campaign or by involving your workers in a collection.

What can do a Company together with Mamamonde

Promotion of events: Mamamonde would like to organise during the year important events like Art or Picture Exhibits, Concerts, Theatre Performance etc. To sponsor one of these events can give to your Company new Communication opportunities and Public Relations.

Involving the workers: Your Company can decide to promote the values of Mamamonde and involve the workers into a campaign of collection in favour of this Project.

Partnership in developing projects: Your Company can decide to sustain a co-operation project becoming a sponsor.

Donation of goods and services: Mamamonde can evaluate the possibility to receive from your Company goods to be sold to sponsor the project (T shirts - sweatshirt - adhesives) or materials to be sent to Africa by container. This is goods offered free of charge by companies which are pivotal partner in the support of the activities and development of Mamamonde.